Making an Emergency Start-up Disk without access to windows. (Bootdisk.bat)

If possible run Bootdisk.bat from c:\windows\command

If not do the following, you need access to the Windows 98 CD or C:\Windows\Options\Cabs.

Format A: /s

Extract /L A: Base4.Cab *.*

Ren *.ebd *.bat

Ren Config.bat Config.sys

Ren Readme.bat Readme.Txt

Extract /L A: Base5.Cab Asp*.* Oa*.* R*.* F*.exe F*.sys Bt*.* Him*.sys


If you hace access to the main cab files.

Extract /a /l c:\ bootdisk.ebd

Ren bootdisk.ebd bootdisk.bat

use as bootdisk.bat, mentioned at the top.