The Ext.exe utility, which is used in conjunction with the Extract.exe located on the Start-up Disk, is used to extract system files from .cab files.

It is used when Windows 98 won't start and you get messages about missing files. Ext.exe relies on access to the Windows 98 installation files. The Readme.txt file on the Start-up Disk provides the following instructions for using Ext.exe.

1. Use the Start-up Disk to start your computer. Select option 1, and then press ENTER.

2. Make sure the Windows 98 CD is inserted in the drive.

3. Type EXT at the MS-DOS command prompt, and then press ENTER.

4. Follow the prompts to indicate the location of the Windows 98 Setup files, the files you wish to extract, and the location in which you want to place the extracted files.

NOTE: If your CD-ROM drive letter is E, then type the location to the Setup files as E:\WIN98.