Title Authors Publisher Type Comments
The Cockhouse at Fellsgarth T.B. Reed Boys Own Paper   HB
Torpedo Run Douglas Reeman Arrow    
The Deep Silence Douglas Reeman Hutchinson   HB
All Quiet on the Western Front Erich Maria Remarque Mayflower War  
The Road Back Erich Maria Remarque Granada War  
Cardew's Catch Frank Richards Spring Books   HB
Tom Merry & Co. Caravanners Frank Richards Spring Books   HB
Telempath Spider Robinson Orbit SF  
The Building of Jalna Mazo de la Roche Book Club   HB
Star Trek Gene Roddenberry Futura SF  
Ogre Mark Ronson Hamlyn    
The Devil's Bedside Book Leonard Rossiter Hamlyn    
Superpig William Rushton Futura    
Depatches From the Crimea William Russell Panther History  
How I won the War Patrick Ryan Corgi    
The Adventures of Robin Hood   Bancroft Classics   HB

Last Updated on 10/11/99
By Martin Cordon