Msconfig (System Configuration Utility)

Advanced Settings

Disable System ROM Breakpoint

Specifies that Windows 98 should not use the ROM address space between 000:0000 and 1MB for a break point. This is equivalent to the SystemROMBreakPoint=false setting in the [386Enh] section of the System.ini file.

Disable Virtual HD IRQ

Specifies that the ROM routine handles interrupts from the hard disk controller. This is equivalent to the VirtualHDIRQ=false setting in the System.ini file.

EMM Exclude

Excludes all of the Upper Memory Area from the range of addresses available to Windows 98. This is equivalent to the EMMExclude=A000-FFFF setting in the System.ini file.

Force Compatibility mode disk access

Forces disk I/O to go through real mode (compatibility mode).

VGA 640 x 480 x 16

Forces the display to use the VGA driver. The user will not be able to clear this check box if the VGA driver was already installed when starting the System Configuration Utility. This is equivalent to the Display.drv=Vga.drv setting in the System.ini file.

Use SCSI Double buffering

Enables loading of a double-buffering driver for a SCSI controller. The user will not be able to change this check box if SCSI double-buffering was enabled by Windows 98 Setup (or by manually editing the Msdos.sys before running the System Configuration Utility).

Enable Startup Menu

Enables automatic display of the Windows 98 Startup menu. When checked, the user does not need to press the CTRL key during startup to display the Startup menu.

Disable Scandisk after bad shutdown

Determines whether Scandisk.exe is run after a bad shutdown.

Limit memory to

The amount of memory in the box above in MB.

Specifies the maximum amount of physical memory that Windows 98 will use. Use this to determine if an issue with physical memory is generating Fatal Exception errors. Limiting memory to less than 16MB may prevent Windows from loading. If you are unable to start up normally, hold down the CTRL key at startup and choose Safe mode to disable the option.

Disable fast shutdown

Disables Windows (8 shutdown performance enhancements. Use this to troubleshoot problems encountered while shutting down windows.

Disable UDF file system

Disables support for Universal Disk Format (UDF) file system. Use this to troubleshoot problems encountered with proprietary DVD movie players that are incompatible with UDF.

Enable Pentium FO (Lock CmpXchg) workaround

Protects Intel Pentium and Intel Pentium MMX microprocessors against the malicious use of an instruction sequence that may interfere with the microprocessors operation. This check box should be cleared when debugging programs.