Route Utility (Route.exe)

Each host computer and each router contains its own routing table. These contain assigned routes for remote Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. The Route command is used to manually add, delete and edit entries in routing tables.

Route print – shows the current entries in the routing table as shown below

Active Routes:

The term Metric denotes the number of routers passed through on the way to the destination.

Route add – is used to add a new route to the table. The entry for a destination network five routers away, with first router and subnet mask would be :-

Route add mask metric 5

Route change – is used to change a route, not a destination.

Route change mask metric 3

Route delete – used to delete a route

Route delete

Note: need to find out what routetab.dll is for.

The program Route.exe is found in the Windows directory on a Windows 98 machine.