Scanreg is a real mode registry-checking program with the following switches.

Scanreg /Backup (Backs up the registry and related system files)

Scanreg /Restore (Shows a list of previous registry backups from which one can be chosen for restoration)

Scanreg /Fix (Repairs the registry)

Scanreg /Optimize

Scanreg /Backup Comment="<comment>" (Adds the specified comment to the CAB file while backing up)

Files produced during a registry backup have the form

Editing the Scanreg.ini file in the Windows folder modifies the way Scanreg behaves. The following settings can be changed in Scanreg.ini.

Backup : The registry will not be backed up if this is set to 0, the default value is 1

Optimize : Automatic optimisation of the registry is skipped if this is set to 0, the default value is 1.

MaxBackupCopies : One backup is kept each day for a number of days specified by this value at which point the oldest is discarded. The default value is 5.

BackupDirectory : The default backup directory is c:\windows\sysbckup, adding a complete path at this point can change this.

Files : Extra files can be added to the registry backup using Files=[dir code,] filename1,filename2 etc. Examples of dir codes are:

10 : windir (e.g. c:\windows)

11 : system directory (e.g. c:\windows\system)

30 : boot directory (e.g. c:\)

31 : boot host directory (e.g. c:\)

Therefore to include the Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files the line Files=30,Autoexec.bat,Config.sys would be added to Scanreg.ini

ScanregVersion : This is self-explanatory.

The protected mode version of this program is ScanregW.exe found in the c:\windows directory. It can be used to backup and fix registries but it cannot be used to restore them.