File Description Location
Batch.exe Microsoft Batch 98  
Bootdisk.bat Windows 98 startup disk creation batch file Windows\Command
CDPlayer.exe CDPlayer Windows
Config.pol System Policy File Netlogon
Desk.cpl Display Properties Control Panel Application  
Dialer.exe Phone Dialer Windows
Dos4gw.exe Rational System's Dos Extender Game's Folder
Drwatson.exe Dr. Watson Utility Windows
Dxdiag.exe DirextX Diagnostic Tool Windows\System
Ext.exe System file recovery Ramdrive
Freecell.exe Freecell Windows
Hosts.txt List of IP addresses and Host names Windows
HWInfo.dat Hardware Information file used by System Information Utility Windows
Inf Files Information or Installation Files Windows\Inf\Other
Infinst.exe Inf Installer  
LMHosts Static IP Address to NetBIOS name resolution Windows
Modem.cpl Modem Properties Control Panel Application Windows\System
Msconfig Microsoft System Configuration Utility Windows\System
Msdos.sys   Root Directory
NSLookup Displays DNS server information  
Ping.exe Packet Internet Groper Windows
Protman.dos Real mode protocol management driver Windows
Ratings.pol Internet Supervisor Password Windows\System Registry Backup Cabinet Files Windows\Sysbckup
Route.exe Route Utility Windows
Rundll.exe Program used to Run Dynamic Link Libraries Windows
Scanreg.exe Real mode Registry Checker Windows\Command
Sfc.exe System File Checker Windows\System
Sndrec32.exe Sound Recorder Windows
Sndvol32.exe Volume Control Windows
Sol.exe Solitaire Windows
Tracert.exe TraceRoute Utility Windows
Vcmui.exe Version Conflict manager Windows
Win98_**.cab Windows 98 Cabinet Files Windows\Options\Cabs
Winmine.exe Minesweeper Windows
Wlg Files Dr. Watson log files Windows\DrWatson
Zone DNS Zone of authority file  

Last Updated on 23/05/08
By Tina Cordon