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Gem Adding Machine Chain Adder from the Automatic Adding Machine Company, New York, USA.

Brical, from the British Calculators Limited, London

Addiator Addfeet Junior. Addiator is a the brand name of Slide Adders (Troncets) made by Carl Kubler in Berlin. The name Addiator tends to be used for all slide adders in the way that Hoover is used for all Vacuum Cleaners. The Frenchman Louis Troncet is considered to be the inventor of the Addiator type Slide Adder in 1889.

Addiator Sizematic.

Fractomator, Feet, Inches and Sixteenths.

Addiator Elsarie. I am reliably informed by an Egyptian friend that the decorations on the surface of this Addiator are Pharaonic in origin. I am confident, therefore that this Addiator was intended for the Egyptian market. The final column is delineated in Eighths, this is still a mystery to me. I have not yet found an Eqyptian system of measurement which uses Eighths.

Addiator Addimax Heaxadat. Addiator Rechenmaschinenfabrik, C.Kubler 762 Wolfach, Baden.

Addiator Universal

Addiator Arithma

Addiator Duplex, Pounds, Shillings, Pence and Farthings.

Addiator Addimax Triplex


Baby Calculator



Exactus Mini-Add

Exactus Mini-Add


K Accurator

Alco Magic Brain

Addimult Perfect 6 with Procentor Slide Rule

Produx Sterling


Severnyi Post



Addmaster is a product of Addimult a company started by Hans-Wolfgang Kubler, a son of Carl Kubler of Addiator fame.

Addmaster Junior.


Sterling Dial-A-Matic Automatic Adding Machine

Addometer Pounds, Shillings, Pence and Farthings

Addometer Pounds, Shillings, Pence and Farthings

Lightning Adder

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