Tina's Hemmi Slide Rules

Where equivalent model numbers have been included in brackets, this information was obtained from Paul Ross' website Hemmi Slide Rule Catalogue Raisonne.

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Hemmi Model 8 Pocket Slide Rule with Magnifying Cursor. It appears to be a 14cm version of Hemmi Model 1. (Hughes-Owens 1764)

Hemmi Adjustable Slide Rule Patent No. 22129 looks like a Hemmi Model 1

Hemmi SKF Gears with Magnifier, Pre WWII Model 32, (Post 1447M from 1931-33 then Post 1441 until WWII)

Hemmi B35.

Hemmi P35.

Hemmi 43A also labelled Weizmann Rigbi Company Limited. Sourced from Israel.

Hemmi 47

Hemmi 50w (Hughes-Owens 1771, Post 1452)

Hemmi 64, Date Code HH, August 1957.

Hemmi 74, Brown Boveri. Sourced from Croatia.

Hemmi 80/3. Sourced from France.

Hemmi 80k.

Hemmi 130w

Hemmi 150

Hemmi 153, Date Code KF A, June 1960. My second 153 was made in Occupied Japan (Post 1461)

Hemmi 159.

Hemmi 250.

Hemmi 251, Made in Occupied Japan.

Hemmi 255D.

Hemmi 256.

Hemmi 257, Date Code FC, March 1955 (Post 1491, Hughes-Owens 1770)

Hemmi 259, Date Code JG SE, July 1959

Hemmi 259D, Date Code OI, September 1964

Hemmi 2634

Hemmi 2640

Hemmi 2664

Hemmi P.261

Ahrend (Holland) Hemmi P.280

Hemmi P.281

Hemmi P.283

Hemmi P.335

Hemmi P.452

Post 1444-K, (Hemmi 34RK)

Post 1445, (Hemmi 45K)

Post Versatrig 1450

Post Versalog 1460 (Hemmi 258, Hughes-Owens 1777)

Post Versalog II 1460, Date Code VI, September 1971. The Versalog II has an A scale on one side and a Log Scale on the other which are not found on the Versalog.

Post 1462H, Hemmi 159.

Hughes Owens 1761 (Hemmi 35, Post 1437)

Hughes Owens 1768C (Hemmi 40RK, Post 1447)

Hughes Owens 1771, Date Code DK, November 1953 (Hemmi 50w, Post 1452)

U.S.Blue., Chicago, 1876, (Hemmi 40, Post 1446, Hughes-Owens 1768)

Hemmi Geotec 341-3910

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