Tina's Faber-Castell Slide Rules

Where Dietzgen model numbers have been included in brackets, this information was obtained from Peter Holland's book "Rechenschieber, Slide Rules, A.W.Faber"

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A.W.Faber-Castell TR3 Combined Slide Rule and Calculator. The calculator uses 4, 1.5V button cells, type Duracell PX825 with a diameter of 23.2mm and a height of 6.1mm. PX825s are no longer manufactured and are difficult to obtain. I currently use 4, Duracell LR44s with a diameter of 11.6mm and a height of 5.4mm. These are smaller and a little ingenuity is required to make sure that they are centred and make contact.

A.W.Faber 339

A.W.Faber-Castell 342, Columbus, System Rohrberg, D.R.P. (Deutsches Reichespatent) No.206428, D.R.G.M. (Deutsvhes Reich Geschmacksmuster) 836352 and D.R.G.M.985223.

A.W.Faber-Castell 360 (Dietzgen 1780)

A.W.Faber-Castell 361

A.W.Faber-Castell 363, D.R.Patent No.206428.

A.W.Faber-Castell 367 with Decimal Indicator (Dietzgen 1783)

A.W.Faber 369 (Dietzgen 1779), Made for Lawrence and Mayo, a London based producer of Scientific Instruments a descendant of which is still in business in India. The rule has a plane wooden back with 369 and Made in Bavaria stamped into the wood. The Cursor has Lawrence & Mayo London stamped into the lower edge of its frame. Scales 5in//A[B,C]D||15cm [S,L,T] 15 - 30cm scale in Well. I cannot see the Faber name on the rule therefore its place among these rules is solely my personal opinion

A.W.Faber-Castell 375, System Rietz.

A.W.Faber-Castell 378, D.R.Patent No.206428.

A.W.Faber-Castell 389.

A.W.Faber-Castell 398, D.R.Patent No.206428 and D.R.G.M.881735.

A.W.Faber-Castell 1/60/360, D.R.G.M.

A.W.Faber-Castell 1/61/361, D.R.G.M.

A.W.Faber-Castell 1/75/375, D.R.G.M.

A.W.Faber-Castell 1/92/392, D.R.G.M.

A.W.Faber-Castell 1/98/398, D.R.G.M.

A.W.Faber-Castell 51/39/339, D.R.G.M.

A.W.Faber-Castell 1/22

A.W.Faber-Castell 1/22

A.W.Faber-Castell 1/22a with Addiator

Faber Castell 1/28 Super Business

Faber Castell 1/38 Stadia

A.W.Faber-Castell 1/54, Darmstadt.

A.W.Faber-Castell 1/60

A.W.Faber-Castell 1/87

A.W.Faber-Castell 1/87A, System Rietz, D.R.P. With an Addiator on the back. Sourced from Poland.

A.W.Faber-Castell 1/92

A.W.Faber-Castell 1/98

A.W.Faber-Castell 2/82 (Durer 5979)

A.W.Faber-Castell 2/82N

Faber-Castell 2/83 (Dietzgen 1741)

A.W.Faber-Castell 2/83N Novo Duplex

A.W.Faber-Castell 2/84 Mathema

A.W.Faber-Castell 3/11 Statics Slide Rule.

A.W.Faber-Castell 44/87

A.W.Faber-Castell 52/80

Faber 52/82 (Dietzgen 1739)

Faber 52/91

A.W.Faber-Castell 57/22

A.W.Faber-Castell 57/86, Columbus.

A.W.Faber-Castell 57/87 Rietz, Made in Switzerland

A.W.Faber-Castell 57/88

A.W.Faber-Castell 57/89, Made in Austria

A.W.Faber-Castell 57/92

A.W.Faber-Castell 62/82N

Faber-Castell 62/83.

Faber-Castell 63/39.

A.W.Faber-Castell 67/22.

A.W.Faber-Castell 67/22/R, with Addiator.

A.W.Faber-Castell 67/39.

A.W.Faber-Castell 67/54b (Dietzgen 1773).

A.W.Faber-Castell 67/87

A.W.Faber-Castell 67/91

A.W.Faber-Castell 111/22

A.W.Faber-Castell 111/48, Maschinenzeit, System Dr.Winkel.

A.W.Faber-Castell 111/54.

A.W.Faber-Castell 111/54 variant with a BI scale.

A.W.Faber-Castell 111/54a.

A.W.Faber-Castell 111/87 Rietz

A.W.Faber-Castell 111/87A Rietz with Addiator on the reverse side.

A.W.Faber-Castell 111/98 Electro.

A.W.Faber-Castell 152/81 Novo-Mentor.

A.W.Faber-Castell 152/82 Made in Switzerland.

A.W.Faber-Castell 167/87.

A.W.Faber-Castell 167/98b.

A.W.Faber-Castell Esso Viscosity

Faber Castell 8/10. Sourced from Denmark.

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