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Allbrit adjustable Polar Planimeter, 24392 from A.G.Thornton Ltd.

Allbrit Zero-Setting Planimeter, 05290.

Allbrit Polar Planimeter, 31514. An Allbrit Pole Wagon is included with the kit which in combination with the tracing arm of the polar planimeter allowed this insrument's use as a Linear Planimeter. Calibrated in 1960.

Allbrit Polar Planimeter, 42450.

Allbrit Radial Planimeter, 31500.

Amsler type planimeter, 34596. No makers name.

G. Coradi, Zurich, Polar Planimeter Stanley, Great Turnstile, Holborn, London. Serial Number 7009.

Crosby Steam Gage and Valve Co. London. Swiss Manufacture. Serial Number 51842.

Davis and Son, London and Derby, Polar Planimeter. Serial Number 21873.

Goodman Hatchet Planimeter.

Haff 317 E Polar Planimeter.

Keuffel and Esser, 21653 Radial Planimeter, made in Germany.

Ott Polar Planimeter from A.Ott, Kempten, Bayern. "Palob" Type 25, Serial Number 82097. The instructions are in my collection.

PPR 2, Square Root Radial Planimeter. Russian.

K'Nex Hatchet Planimeter

Buss Sykes Hydrometer

Spirit Level

Watts Builders Dumpy Level

Hilger and Watts Builders Dumpy Level

Stanley Theodolite

Cowley Automatic Level

Mitutoyu Micrometer

Slocomb Micrometer

Lecture Demonstration Gyroscope

Interpretation Kit, Photographic, Pocket Size, FSN 6675-860-6005, Union Instrument Corporation, Plainfield, New Jersey, USA.

Stereo Viewer and Magnifier from the Photographic Interpretation Kit shown above.

This Kit consists of an Aristo 89 Slide Rule,a Propelling Pencil, a Notebook and a 4 Inch Vernier Caliper.

Gyroscope Extreme toy Gyroscope by Gyroscope.com

Tedco Toy Gyroscope

Universal Ring Dial, a working reproduction produced by Franklin Mint in 1987 part of the Great Instruments of Discovery collection produced in collaboration with the National Maritime Historical Society. With the pinhole on the crossbar set to the correct month and the dial set to the local latitude the time is read on the dial where the sun shines brightest through the hole onto the dial.

Compass Sundial, a reproduction piece purchased at the Rijksmuseum Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Tina's version of the Apollo 15 Sun Compass. This would have been used by the astronauts on the Lunar Rovar to get back to the Lunar Lander when power was lost and they had no line of sight.

Mayan Calender, Reproduction.

Feng Shui Compass used by Chinese Gentlemen to make sure your house is not incorrectly oriented.

Risis Feng Shui Compass, almost certainly a souvenir version although the compass does point North.

White and Gillespie Protractor

Map Distance Measurement Wheel

Map Distance Measurement Wheel

K'Nex Model of Stepped Reckoner

John Adams Toys Code Wheel

Engineering Instruments Code-Maker.

Pocket Enigma Cipher Machine. Educational Toy which demonstrates some of the underlying principles of the Enigma Machine. From Bletchley Park.

Enigma Kit. Educational Toy which demonstrates some of the underlying principles of the Enigma Machine. From the Imperial War Museum.

Jefferson Disk Wheel Cypher. This is a working model of the Encryption Wheel invented and used by Thomas Jefferson in 1795.

U.S Civil War Cipher Disk Reproduction.

1945 Captain Midnight Secret Squadron Code Disk Badge.

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