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Dennert and Pape with Patent No. DRP 2126499 under the slide. Similar slide rules were marketed in the United Kingdom by John Davis of Derby. This one has no markings indicating from which company it was obtained. The box in which it arrived does have the Davis embossed logo and the overall design and scale layout appears to be a forerunner of the Davis Plutocrat which can be seen on the British Slide Rules page.

Aristo-Maverick, Charvoz 20-0195.

Aristo 89.

Aristo 803.

Aristo 810.

Aristo 814.

Aristo 815.

Aristo 829.

Aristo 867.

Aristo-Studio 868.

Aristo 99

Aristo 99

Aristo 99K

Aristo Junior 901

Aristo 90121, Sulzer, Berechnung von Kreiselpumpen.

Aristo Scholar 90189, British Institute of Engineering Technology

Aristo Scholar 902, Feinmessinstitut Klawun, Hannover.

Aristo Scholar 903

Aristo Scholar 903LL, Made in Austria

Aristo Scholar 903VS.

Aristo Scholar 0903VS-2.

Aristo Schul-Commerz 905.

Aristo BiScholar 906

Aristo Commerz Junior 907

This Aristo Trilog 908 was given to me as a parting gift by Axel, my neighbour when I left 23 Halberstadtweg, Bothfeld, Hannover in 2020.

Aristo Trilog 908

Aristo MultiRietz 909

Aristo Simplex 911

Aristo Rietz ST 912

Aristo 914.

Aristo Elektro 915 E

Aristo MultiRietz 929

Aristo Commerz I, 955

Aristo Commerz II, 965

Aristo 966H

Aristo 967U

Aristo Studio 968.

Aristo Studio 968. The scale set on the reverse side is similar to the Yokota scale set. The scale set was patented by Seinan Yokota, Assistant Professor of Naval Architecture at the College of Engineering, Imperial University, Tokyo, Japan in 1907 and consists of LL3 LL2 LL1 A/B K C/D LL01 LL02 LL03 with S Sec T on the reverse of the slide.

Aristo StudioLog 969

Aristo Multilog 970.

Aristo Hyperbolog 971.

Aristo Aviat 617.

Aristo N623.

Aristo 670 Mileage (actually Kilometerage) Slide Rule key Ring.

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