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Isotope Handling Calculator Mk III. Made by Abbot Brown of Beaminster, Dorset, Makers of Engraved and Printed Scales including Slide Rules and Rulers.

Aero Products CR-4

Aero Products Research, Time Speed Distance slide rule in the form of a Money Clip.

Alro 55-Nmmi. For Multiplication, Division and conversion between Inches and Centimetres

Alro 200R

Alro 300D

Alro 600E

Alro 1010, Commercial. From the estate of a former agent for Alro in Switzerland.

Alro Discabois System J.L.Brouhon

American Hydromath Co. Time-Distance-Speed Computer, Pitch-Speed-RPM Computer, Coasting Computer and Cross Drift Detector.

Aristo Aviat 617.

Aristo N623.

Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc. ASA E6-B Flight Computer.

Blackburn Beverley C.A.R.P (Computed Air Release Point) Calculator

Blackwell Average Speed Calculator, Blackwell's Metallurgical Works Ltd., Thermetal House, Garston, Liverpool 19. Made By Abbott Brown, Beaminster.

Blundell Harling Ltd. Portland Dead Reckoning Calculator Patent. No. 1 530 487, Cat. No. 0655.33 (1084).

Blundell Harling Ltd, P.4883, Fujinon T.V.Lens Calculator.

Blundell Radiac N0 1 Ref. No. 6665-110060 Nuclear Bomb Effects Calculator. The top two pink discs are for calculating fallout on Land they can be turned over to show blue discs for calculating fallout at sea

Blundell Radiac N0 2 Ref. No. 6665-99-949-1446.

Blundell Gerry Decibel Calculator M615

Blundell Percentage Calculator M958

Blundell Decimal Percentage Calculator, P3430 made for Phillips with a cursor in the shape of a Light Bulb.

Blundell Reproduction Calculator M1158

Blundell Discount and Profit Calculator M2882

Bonwitt Slide Rule

BPB Instruments Resistivity Salinity Calculator

Breitling Circular Slide Rule used to show owners of Breitling Watches how the Slide Rule Bezel on their Watch functions. Its Quality and its Accuracy are Appalling.

British Railways Board Volume / Weight Calculator BR 1497

Circulator. Circulator Co. Ltd. London, N.W.9.

Concise, Imported and Supplied by Dargue Bros. Ltd. Halifax. This rule looks like an old version of the Concise 28. Dargue Brothers were the Manufacturers of the Simplon series of Slide Rules.

Concise 28N advertising Time-Life Books

Concise 32

Concise 270N

Concise 300

Concise 380 Radio Computer

Concise 740 English-Metric Converter, Concise Co.Ltd, 2-16-23 Hirai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Concise Stadia Slide Rule

Concise Sama and Etani 200 EE Advertising Brown and Root Inc

Concise Sama and Etani CTCS-552 Advertising Dowell Schlumberger

Concise Sama and Etani DA-1 Especially Designed with inserts for Dresser Atlas

Concise Sama and Etani Model NL-1 Advertising Baroid

Concise Weights and Measures Conversion Tables Type E

Concise Sama and Etani Radiological Tables and Circular Slide Rule

Concise Sama and Etani 1000 with an Addiator on the back.

Concise Sama and Etani Model 600 with a Periodic Table of the Elements on the back.

Concise Sama and Etani Model 600 with a Periodic Table of the Elements on the back with Insert CE. Property of U.S Government, 7520-00-926-2021, Slide Rule Type III Class 3

Controller Mod. 75R, Controller Calculator K.G. Munchen 5, Jahnstrasse 19.

Controller Mod. 110R

Controller Mod. 200R

Corona 1

Czech Radiation Slide Rule.

Dalton Dead Reckoning Computer

Drayton Valve Sizing Calculator.

Dutch version of the Nuclear Bomb Effects Calculator

The Exchange Telegraph Yield Calculator published exclusively by The Daily Statistics Service of The Exchange Telegraph Co.Ltd. 64, Cannon Street, London, Tel:City 5700, Copyright, Designed and Produced Exclusively for the Exchange Telegraph Co.Ltd. by Concentric Indicator Laboratories. London and Slough, England.

Faber Castell 8/10. Sourced from Denmark.

G. Felsenthal & Sons. Chicago, Nautical Slide Rule, u.s.Navy Bureau of Ships, Manufacturer's Part No. FNS-3.

Fowler's Junior Type 4MJRG1 in Richard Blankenhorn and Robert de Cesaris' Catalogue Raisonne)

GC Profit Calculator.

Garbutt-Hatch Calculator

Gilson Binary Circular Slide Rule, 8.5" in diameter.

Dietzgen Gilson Circular Slide Rule

Golding Horse Power Computer for Steam Engines. Publishers, Charles Griffin & Co. Ltd. Exeter Street, Strand, London W.C. 1908

Hall's Clock Variations Calculator.

Hemmi Geotec 341-3910

Johnson and Phillips Ltd. Capacitor (kVAr) Calculator.

Kane Dead Reckoning Computer, Model MK-6B, Copyright 1957 Kane Aero Co. St.Paul, Minnisota.

Lee Sheet Steel Weight Calculator. Made by Smiths Calculators of Beaminster, Dorset.

Lovelace Nuclear Bomb Effects Computer.

Macbeth Illumination Calculator, Copyright in the United States and Canada, 1908, Copyright 1808 by Norman Macbeth. The Calculator includes scales for Horizontal and Vertical Illumination Angles, Normal Illumination Angles and Angles Determined by D/H. Norman Macbeth was the founder of the Macbeth Artificial Daylighting company in 1915, a company which still exists as a subsidiary of X-Rite Incorporated. Artificial Daylighting will be important to those Slide Rule Collectors (not me) who create high quality images of slide rules.

Maclean's Finance Calculator.

Memorex Magnetic Tape Calculator.


Norma Grafia 190, Germany

Perrygraf P200-10 Slide Rule advertising Carrier Air Conditioning Co. Syracuse, New York.

Pickett 101-C Lietz No.3625-10 Dial Rule

Pooley's Flight Equipment, Holding Pattern Calculator.

W.G.Pye & Co.Ltd RAF Course and Speed Calculator Mk IIA Serial No. 2095/39

Rota Easy Read Slide Rule, Instrumental Devices Ltd. London W.1.

Shaw Moisture Equivalent Chart and Pressure Calculator, Slide-Charts Britain Ltd. Abingdon, Oxon, OX14 3DH, England.

Circular Slide Rule GM Service School, Wellingborough, England. Smith's Calculators Ltd, beaminster.

Smith Chart

FXR Inc. Smith Chart and Circular Slide Rule

Speedivac calculator to determine the time to evacuate a vacuum system using a rotary pump. Edwards High Vacuum Ltd. Crawley, Sussex.

Water Flow Calculator for Staveley Spun Cast Iron Pipes.

Stephanus Computer for Vee Rope Drives.

Tina's Nystrom. Circular Slide Rule based on my guess concerning Nystrom's Calculator Design. There are Nystrom Calculators in the collections of The Royal Observatory Greenwich and in the National Museum of American History. The websites of both museums have pictures available using their search engines.

Tina's Logarithmic Spiral Slide Rule. The top picture shows the setting for the multiplier 8 in the sum 8 x 6. The lower picure shows the answer on the leftmost cursor. Read both the multipliers and the results on the linear scales on the cursors not on the spiral.

Calculator Downwind Toxic Vapor Hazard, Point Source, ABC-M2

K.Emil Troger, Mylaui.V., DRGM 227046.

Victor Fuel load Calculator for the Handley Page Victor B Mk.2 Supersonic Strategic Bomber

Weems and Plath Nautical Slide Rule 105

Young's Course Corrector. Designed by Walter Young, M.Inst. P.I.

Zambretti Weather Forecaster from Temeraire of Brixham.




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