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Rude Star Identifier (with Hydrographic Office Modifications) A-N Type 1, Hydrographic Office No. 2102-C.

IWA 1076, Germany, Vickers Limited, Hydraulics Division, Racine VSG, Unit Conversion Rule

U.S.Army Soviet Military Hardware Identification

W H Smith Best Buy Guide

Why the Sun never Sets on the British Empire

BPB Coal Lithology Nomogram

BPB Coal Quality Nomogram

Trigonometrical Indicator

Trigonometer Trigonometrical Indicator from Russia as you can see on the reverse view

Johnson's Photographic Exposure Calculator

Conversion from Pounds, Shillings and Pence to Decimal Currency

AV-Drive calculator for D.C.Motor Characteristics

Axelson Factorule

Amphenol Selection Slide Chart

Elmar API Flange Slide Rule

Weatherford Drill Collar Weight Calculator

Weatherford Progressing Cavity Pumping System

Reed Hydraulic Calculator for Rotary Drilling Rigs

BSI Conversion Slide

Burgess Microswitches. Mechanical Life Ratings

Connolly's Wire Data

Connolly's Wire Data Type F

Connolly's Wire Data Type X

Connolly's Wire Data Type M

Connolly's Wire Data Normal Enamel

Connolly's Wire Data Type T

Diazo The True Cost of Copying

Camden Chemical Company Limited Gestation Calculator

Havir Press Calculator

HP Reflectometer Calculator

International Rectifier Regulator Selector

Kemet Resistance and Reactance Calculator

Ling Vibration Level Calculator

Littell Aluminium Coil Weight Calculator

Littell Steel Coil Weight Calculator

Lufkin Thread Sizes

Martin Engineering Vibrator Selector

Kismet Projectalign Calculator

Simplex Wiring Calculator

Ohmite Ohm's Law Calculator

Ohmite Resistor Colour Codes

Philip's Planisphere

Thompson Pump Company Pump Rate Calculator

BP Ignition Index Calculator

Radio Shack Metric Converter

Research Laboratories Conversion Chart

Royal Family Tree

Scalextric Speed Calculator

Shetack Drill Size Indicator

Shure Reactance Slide Rule

Shure Reactance Slide Rule

Sperry Microwave Transmission Line Data

Sturtevant Torque Calculator

Trufood Obstetric Calculator

Amateur Gardening All-purpose Calculator

Pain Management Slide

Radman Associates Radiation Data

Alcohol Units Calculator

Recycling Data Wheel

Snack Swapper Healthy Eating data Wheel

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