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British Thornton Blackbody Radiation Slide Rule (Similar to Blundell F5100) both made to the design of the Admiralty Research Laboratory, Teddington, England. This is one of three Black Body Radiation calculators of which I am aware, the others are the Aristo 922 and the General Electric GEN-15C referred to in the book Infrared System Engineering.

Thornton PIC Junior. PIC refers to the Precision Instrument Company taken over by A.G.Thornton (Alexander George) in 1901

Thornton Mannheim.

Thornton PIC 3641

Thornton PIC P3648

Thornton PIC 3649

Thornton PIC 3650

Thornton PIC 3654

Thornton PIC 3658

Thornton PIC 3857

Thornton PIC 4458

Thornton PIC 4865

Thornton PIC 4880

A.G Thornton PIC 101

Thornton PIC 111

Thornton PIC 121

Thornton PIC 130.

Thornton PIC 131.

Thornton PIC 131 with a nice Magnifying Cursor.

Thornton PIC 144

Large Thornton Slide Rule with no Make or Model Number my prize at the International Slide Rule Convention quiz.

Thornton PIC F157

Thornton PIC P123

Thornton PIC P170

Thornton PIC P171

Thornton PIC P172

Thornton PIC V.F.0123

Thornton PIC V.P.114

Thornton PIC V.P.147, A.C.Electrical Rule.

Britsish Thornton P221

British Thornton P241

British Thornton PIC 251

British Thornton P271

Thornton PIC P281

British Thornton AA010

British Thornton AA020

Britsish Thornton AD050

Britsish Thornton AD060

British Thornton AD070

British Thornton AD070, a Simplex (single sided) rule the same as the one above but labelled differently.

British Thornton AD150

British Thornton AD160

Most similar to the Thornton Rule Slide R.A. 10" VF1766

Thornton McLaren

Thornton PIC Speed, Time, Distance Rule, Pattern 1448.

Thornton Speed, Time, Distance Rule, 0552/1448.

Thornton Spring Design

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