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Acumath 90A, Mannheim Trig.

Acumath 400.

Acumath 500.

Acumath 600.

Acumath 1240.

Acumath 1311. A product of ACU-RULE Co. Mount Olive, Illinois.

Acumath 1500.

Alderman Slide Rule. Almost identical to the Indeco Slide Rule below.

American Blueprint Co.Inc, New York, Military Slide Rule.

Big Crow Radar Calculator.

Bruning, 2401.

Arthur Brown 7996A. Identical to the Frederick Post 1457 below. Both are probably made by Roos.

Charvoz Roos SR 105D.

B29 Load Adjuster. Made by Cox & Stevens Aircraft Corp, Mineola, New York.

Foxboro Flow Rule. Made by Cox & Stevens Aircraft Corp, Mineola, New York.

C-Thru No.27

Easterley Rafter Calculator, Manufactured by John I Easterley, Healdsburg, California.

Empire Pedigree Slide Rule.

Foxboro Valve and Meter Slide Rule

Foxboro Flow and Valve Slide Rule. This is made in Japan but displayed here to keep the Foxboro rules together.

General Eletric Black Body Radiation Slide Rule.

General Eletric Black Body Radiation Slide Rule, GEN-15-C.

Indeco Slide Rule. Almost identical to the Alderman Slide Rule above.

Jet Air Engineering Corp, San Diego, California, Caliputer, Commemorating the Royal Aeronautical Society Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences joint meeting in San Diego, California - June 1955 Compliments of Convair, Division of General Dynamics Corp, Rohr Aircraft Corp, The Ryan Aeronautical Company, and the Solar Aircraft Company.

Lane Wells Radiactivity Well Logging Slide Rule

Lawrence Engineering, 6-0p Calculator for Photoflash Lamps.

Lawrence Engineering, 6-0p Calculator for G.E. or Westinghouse Photoflash Lamps.

Lawrence Engineering, 6-0w Calculator for Wabash Superflash Lamps.

Engineering Instruments Code-Maker.

Lawrence Engineering, 8-A.

Lawrence Engineering, 8-B.

Lawrence Engineering, 8-L, Voltage Drop Calculator.

Lawrence Engineering, 10-B.

Lawrence Engineering, 10-C.

Lawrence Engineering, Lumber Calculator, 10-D.

Lawrence Pricing and Inventory Rule, 10-F.

Lawrence Cutting Speed Calculator, 10-G, Compliments of Hammons Machinery Builders, Inc, Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Lawrence Madison Speed Calculator, Copyright 1947 by Madison Manufacturing Company, Muskagon, Michigan.

Lawrence Poker Meter. Copyright by Ideas Unlimited March 6, 1950, San Diego.

Lawrence Water Line Capacity Slide Rule, Arrangement Copyrighted 1944, B.F.Grizzle, P.O.Box 126, Terre Haute, Indiana.

Markson Science Inc. Digital Thermometer, Ruler/Paperweight with unit Conversion Slide Rule

Monroe Slide Rule Pen

Moonstick. Made by Moonstick.Co for calculating the phases of the moon.

Musigraph Slide Rule.

Perrygraf Slide Rule and Mathematical Tables Advertising Stancor

The Frederick Post Co. No.1457 Mannheim Trig. This looks to be the same as the Arthur Brown & Bro. 7996A, the F.Weber & Co. 4280-A and the Roos Company SR.109. The Roos Company is the probable manufacturer of all four rules. The rule is also the same as the Engineering Sales Co. No.6004 which accordong to the Slide Rule Museum was made by Acu-Design. I personally support the Roos Company theory but feel free to decide for yourselves.

Richardson No.812 10 Inch Mannheim Slide Rule.

Richardson No.1776 Polymetric Slide Rule.

Richardson No.1812, Direct Reading Slide Rule.

Richardson No.1860, Direct Reading Merchant's Slide Rule.

Sterling Precision Slide Rule, No.584.

Sterling Slide Rule, No.587.

Sterling Precision, No.589.

Sterling No.594 Decimal Trig Multi-Log, 1965.

Sterling Metric Convertor

ThinkGeek Nanoline 1337

Mickey Mouse Slide Rule

Slide Rule Pencil Cup

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