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Pickett Model 2

Pickett and Eckel Model 3.

Pickett N4-T

Pickett 120 Trainer

Pickett Microline 120.

Pickett Microline 160. Made for TRW REDA Pumps, Bartlesville, Oklahoma 74003.

Pickett N 200-ES, Trig.

Pickett N300-T Log-Log.

Pickett N-500-T HI Log-Log.

Pickett Electronic N-515-T, Cleveland Institute of Electronics, Cleveland, Ohio

Pickett N-531-ES

Pickett N600-ES. There is nothing special about this slide rule. It is sold for inflated prices not because of its rarity or quality but because it was selected as the slide rule to be used in space during the Apollo program. This of course is a personal opinion, feel free to disregard it.

Pickett N606-ES

Pickett N700-T US Air Force Aerial Photo Slide Rule Type A-2. This is part of the Photographic Interpretation Kit made by Union Instruments shown on the Scientific Instruments page.

Pickett 800 ES

Pickett N902-ES, Simplex Trig.

Pickett N903-T, Trig and Conversion.

Pickett and Eckel 1000, Ortho-Phase Duplex.

Pickett N1006-T

Pickett N 1010-ES, Trig.

Pickett Fisher Control Valve Slide Rule.

Pickett 101-C Lietz No.3625-10 Dial Rule

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