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Blundell Luton Type E3 Bakelite Slide Rule.

Blundell Luton Type G1 Bakelite Slide Rule.

Blundell Luton Type G2 Bakelite Slide Rule.

Blundell Rules Limited G22-2.

Blundell Rules Limited, G27

Blundell Rules Limited, G27X

Blundell Rules Limited, G29.

Blundell Rules Limited AG.1 Slide Rule

Blundell Rules Limited AG.2 Slide Rule

Blundell Rules Limited AG.5 Slide Rule

Blundell Luton Type L4 Bakelite Slide Rule

Blundell Rules Limited AL.4 Slide Rule

Blundell Rules Limited AL.6 Slide Rule

Blundell Rules Limited P14D

Blundell Rules Limited P15.

Blundell Rules Limited P16.

Blundell Rules Limited P17.

Blundell Rules Limited P19

Blundell Rules Limited P19D.

Blundell Rules Limited P28, Darmstadt.

Blundell S100.

Blundell Harling S143-10 Slide Rule

Blundell Harling S143-20 Slide Rule

Blundell Harling S150-10 Slide Rule.

Blundell Student No.2.

Blundell Popular No.1.

Blundell Popular No.2.

Blundell Janus Series T.50. This rule also has the U.K.A.E.A label, The United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority.

Blundell Rules Limited Academy 300 Slide Rule

Blundell Rules Limited Academy 302 Log-Log Slide Rule.

Blundell Rules Limited Academy 302 Log-Log Slide Rule. This is a slight variation on the previous 302. The Trade Marks are in different positions.

Blundell Rules Limited Academy 303 Rietz Slide Rule

Blundell Rules Limited Academy 304 Darmstadt Slide Rule

Blundell Academy 305 Electro.

Blundell Academy 306, Tarrant Hydraulic Slide Rule, Flow in Pipes and Circular Sewers, based on the Hazen Williams Formula.

Blundell Academy 307 Air Navigation.

Blundell Rules Limited Academy 308 Accountants Slide Rule.

Blundell Rules Limited Academy 309 Standard Slide Rule. The British Institute of Engineering Technology.

Blundell Omega 401 Rietz Slide Rule

Blundell Omega 402 Log-Log Slide Rule

Blundell Omega 403 Darmstadt Slide Rule

Blundell Rules Limited Omega 404 Electro Slide Rule

Blundell Omega 405.

Blundell Omega 406.

Blundell Rules Limited Omega 407 Technico Slide Rule

Blundell Rules Limited Omega 409 Mercantile Slide Rule.

Blundell Academy Duplex 500.

Blundell Academy Duplex 502.

Blundell Academy Duplex 503D.

Blundell A505 Super Duplex.

Blundell A506 Super Duplex.

Blundell Omega 601 Rietz

Blundell Omega 602 Log-Log.

Blundell Omega 603 Darmstadt

Blundell Omega 605

Blundell Omega 606

Blundell Harling 802 Log Log

Blundell Harling 803 Rietz.

Blundell Harling 804 Darmstadt.

Blundell 808 Accountants Slide Rule.

Blundell Harling Classmate 812

Blundell Harling Classmate 813

Blundell Harling 904 Duplex

Blundell Holophane Illumination Calculator.

Blundell Rules Limited, Humidity Slide Rule, MKIII. MO 1312-51 (Meteorological Office), Met.Ref.No.1036.

Blundell Rules Limited P.1418 Room Volume Calculator

Blundell Rules Limited P.1442 Friction Loss Calculator

Blundell Harling Limited, Arkon Flow Rule for estimating flow in open channels for Arkon Instruments Ltd, Cheltenham, England.

Blundell Rules Limited P.1553 Armstrong Floor Calculator

Blundell Rules Limited P.1614 Teeni Soil Density Slide Rule

Blundell Rules Limited Fisher Valve Sizing Slide Rule P.2734.

Blundell Harling Limited Fisher Universal Valve Sizing Slide Rule (US Units) FC.3540. Fisher Controls Company Marshalltown, Iowa, U.S.A. Fisher Controls Limited, Maidstone, Kent, England.

Blundell Rules Limited P.2808 Ultrasonic Calculator

Blundell Rules Limited Blakeborough Valve Sizing Slide Rule.

Blundell Harling Ltd. Portland Speed-Time-Distance Calculator Cat. No. 0655.31

Blundell Harling Ltd. Portland Dead Reckoning Calculator Patent. No. 1 530 487, Cat. No. 0655.33 (1084).

Blundell Harling Ltd. Photographic Interpreters Slide Rule MkII.

Blundell Rules Ltd. PG54.

Blundell Rules Ltd, P.2329 Lidderdale Area and Volume Calculator.

Blundell Harling Ltd, P.3183 Paper Calculating Slide Rule

Blundell Harling Ltd, P.3488 Farris Safety Relief Valve Sizing Slide Rule.

Blundell Harling Ltd, P.3783 Flather Halesowen Limited Sheffield Weight Calculator.

Blundell Harling Ltd, P.4883, Fujinon T.V.Lens Calculator.

Blundell Rules Limited Radiac Slide Rule for Nuclear Fission Products, Admiralty Research Laboratory, Teddington

Blundell Pilot Baloon Slide Rule Mark 5, Met Ref No. 29550

Blundell Sissons Paint Slide Rule.

WHSmith Student Slide Rule

WHSmith Simplified Rietz Slide Rule (Blundell S143-10)

WHSmith Simplified Rietz Slide Rule (Blundell S143-20)

WHSmith Log-log trig Slide Rule (Blundell Academy 802)

Wh Smith Master Duplex

Wiljon Technik-Art Simplified Rietz Slide Rule

Blundell Radiac N0 1 Ref. No. 6665-110060 Nuclear Bomb Effects Calculator. The top two pink discs are for calculating fallout on Land they can be turned over to show blue discs for calculating fallout at sea

Blundell Radiac N0 2 Ref. No. 6665-99-949-1446.

Blundell Gerry Decibel Calculator M615

Blundell Percentage Calculator M958

Blundell Decimal Percentage Calculator, P3430 made for Phillips with a cursor in the shape of a Light Bulb.

Blundell Reproduction Calculator M1158

Blundell Discount and Profit Calculator M2882

Blundell Harling Metriverter M1769

Blundell Rules Ltd. P.1452/53, Copyright Design T.I.(E). Ltd, T.I.(Export) Ltd, T.I.House, Five ways, Birmingham 16, England, Unit Conversion Rule

Blundell P4290, Flow Calculator for Everite A.C. Pressure Pipes Manufactured to BS 486/73 for TAC Construction Materials Ltd. PO Box 22, Trafford Park, Manchester.

Flow Calculator for Everite Asbestos Cement Pressure Pipes, Made to BS.486/1956 for Turners Asbestos Cement Co.Ltd. a Turnall & Newell Company, Trafford Park, Manchester 17, made by Maxwell Jackson Ltd, Manchester. I have left this with my Blundell Rules because of the similarity of its construction with the Rule above and its Part Number P2388 which is suspiciously Blundell like.

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