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White and Gillespie Dualface 432, Australia

White and Gillespie Dualface 476, Australia

Plastograf Academica, Sao Paolo, Brazil.

BEK, Sofia, Bulgaria.

KNP-57, Navigational Calculator and Slide Rule, Sofia, Bulgaria.

UKG, RPGP, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Ruyi 1015-1, China

Logarex 27205, Czechoslovakia.

Logarex 27401-X Rietz, Czechoslovakia. Sourced from Bulgaria.

Logarex 27402-X Elektro, Czechoslovakia.

Logarex 27403-III, System Darmstadt, Czechoslovakia. Sourced from Bulgaria.

Logarex Toison D'Or (Golden Fleece in French) 27602-II, Exponent, Czechoslovakia

Logarex Skrivab Trig 27606 Czechoslovakia

Uto 601, Denmark

Uto Electro 611, Denmark

Uto 661, Denmark.

Diwa 101, Denmark

Diwa 141, Denmark.

Diwa 301, Denmark

Diwa 361, Denmark

Diwa 561, Denmark

Diwa 701, Denmark

Diwa 901, Denmark.

Kingson Accurator Four Rule, Hong Kong

Kingson Pocket Calculator, Four Rule,with Pounds, Shillings and Pence Addiator. Hong Kong

Gamma Budapest 1252 Hungary

Logar Thermotechn. 1512, MSZ 4617-57, Hungary

Deeva 601, Bombay, India. Sourced from Uruguay.

Perfection, No.555, Robust, B.R.M Pattern, Scura, B.S.M., Fort, Bombay, India.

Brev. E.Calamari, Italy. Brev. stands for brevetto or brevettato meaning patent or patented. Scales 23cm//lung.m,C[[D,Volt[Kw,ρ=Ωmm²/m(Resistivity),mm²]lung.m,W/cm²]]Kw,A where lung is short for lunghezza, length. Ω is Resistance in Ohms. This example has lost its single cursor which should have three cursor lines

Marcantoni No.12.5RB, Italy

Regolo Mignon Tecnostyl, Italy. This is an example of the simplest type of slide rule; just two scales one sliding against the other. Other examples in this collection are the Hemmi 22 and the Blundell S.141.

Tecnostyl 40/D, Italy.

Tecnostyl ST41, Italy.

Skala SLPP 270332,Poland

Tehnolemn Timisoara, Romania

LSLO-250-10P, Russia

GOST 5161-57, 1966, F-KA Schyetnich Priborov Leningrad

GOST 5161-72, 1978, Leningrad

NL-9, Russia

NL-10M, Russia

Artillery Rule, Russia

USL-12, A slide rule with 2 Slides. Russia

Atlas Copco Slide Rule, Sweden

KLPZ LSLO-20-11, Ukraine

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