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Fearn's Colliery Ventilation Officer's Calculator

Mear's Converion Calculator

Fearn's International Unit Converions Calculator

Mear's Combustion Efficiency Calculator

Fearn's Conveyor Belt Calculator

Fearn's Conveyor Belt Calculator, Metric Version

Fearn's Cyclone Soundrater for Centrifugal Fans

Mear's Domestic Central Heating Calculator Imperial

Mear's Domestic Central Heating Calculator Imperial for Houses and Bungalows, Model N0.8.

Mear's Industrial Central Heating Calculator, Model No.3.

Fearn's Mear Heating Engineer's Calculator

Mear's Ducting Calculator Imperial

Mear's Electric Lighting Calculator

Fearns, Mear and Company, Fawcett Extrusion Calculator

Mear's Gas Flow Calculator Metric Model GPMS

Mear's Gas Flow Calculator Imperial Model G4

Fearn's Gear Rating Computer

Mear's Glare Index Calculator

Mear's Helical Spring Calculator

Fearns Inches to Millimetres Conversion Calculator

Mears Inches to Millimetres Conversion Calculator

Fearn's Inertia Calulator for Rotating Masses Metric

Fearn and Mear's Machining Time Calculator for Lathework

Mear's Pipe Flow Calculator for Liquids and Gases (Turbulent Flow) Model No.3

Fearns Evershed Powerotor Power Calculator.

Fearn's Presswork Calculator, Model P.42.

Fearn's Production Engineer's Calculator, Metric Model P.30.M. For Machine H.P., Batch and Production Times, Speeds, Feeds and Cutting Times

Mear's Psychrometric Calculator for Air Coditioning and Meteorology

Fearn's Re-Order Point Calculator, Model A61

Fearn's Shaft Size and Horsepower Calculator

Fearn's Slide Rule

Fearn's Open University Slide Rule for course TM281.

Mear's Steam Flow Calculator for Flow at Pressure or Vacuum.

Fearn's Tank Capacity Calculator

Fearn's Typographer's Calculator

Mear's Valve Sizing Calculator for Hydraulic Pressing Operations

Fearn's Vee-Belt Horsepower Calculator

Mear's Warm Air Heating Calculator for Domestic Installations

Mear's Weight Calculator for Rolled Steel Sections (Imperial)

Mear's Weight Calculator for Rolled Steel Sections (Metric)

Mear's Weight Calculator for Rolled Steel Sections (Imperial) Made for the Consett Iron Company Limited

Fearn's Weight Calculator for Plates and Sheets

Mear's Weight Conversion Calculator, Avoirdupois to Metric

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