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Drawing Board. I inherited this Drawing Board from my father, Enoch Cordon. It is unusual in many respects. There are two built in clamps to hold the paper in position on the central circular board which can rotate and has an external ring marked with 360 divisions so that the entire board can be rotated to any desired angle. The board is counterbalanced, as is the set square allowing them to be adjusted to a desired position.

Eco Bra, Dietzgen Proportional Dividers with Scales of Lines and Circles. This has Number 14 on the body. The Scale of Lines is used when dividing Lines into a required number of parts. The Scale of Circles is used when dividing the Circumference of Circles into a required number of parts.

W.H.Harling Mathematical Instrument Manufacturer, 117. Moorgate, London. EC2, Manufactured in England.

Kinex Drawing Instruments. The Dividers at the bottom of the set are Staedler not Kinex, the Compass which should occupy this position is missing.

Temple Economist Precision Drawing Instruments. This set includes a Unique Log Log Slide Rule.

Linex Parallel Ruler, A1612, Acryl, Denmark.

The "New Facila" Universal Set Square, Dargue's Patent, Made in England.

Flow Chart Stencil

Haff 97 Ellipsograph

Omicron Ellipsograph

K'Nex Ellipsograph

K'Nex Ellipsograph

K'Nex Ellipsograph

A printing block for a 6 inch ruler. Inches, Eighths, Sixteenths.

Abbot Brown of Beaminster, Triangular Scale Ruler advertising the Brick Development Association.

Blundell Harling Scale Rule

Book-keeper's Rolling Rule.

Dietzgen 1526P.

Eyre & Spottiswoode, Set of Imperial Scale Rules.

Faber Castell 1763c Scale Ruler

Faber Castell 2753/3 Scale Ruler

W.H.Harling Combined Ruler and Protractor

Helios 6/072 Scale Rule

Iranian Ruler

Ruler brought home from the Russian Caucasus my sister-in-law and brother.

Ruler advertising Marchant Mechanical Calculators

Metric Scale Ruler

Ruler advertising Monroe Mechanical Calculators

Ozalid Scale Ruler

Ozalid Ruler

Rolling Ruler

Ruler illustrating Roman Measurements

White and Gillespie 512 Scale Ruler

White and Gillespie 612 Scale Ruler

White and Gillespie 4012 Scale Ruler

White and Gillespie S9712 Scale Ruler

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