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British Thornton

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Keuffel and Esser

Pickett and Eckel

Slide Charts


Aristo Studio Instructions

Austin Weight Calculator Instructions

Circulator Instructions.

Concise No.380 Circular Slide Rule for Electrical Communication Engineering Instructions

The Slide Rule Manual. Instructions for using the Midget Slide Rule, Dietzgen's No. 1797-M

Your Dietzgen Slide Rule Instructions for Care and Adjustment.

Diwa Instructions for the use of Rietz Nos. 201-301-501-701 - Log-Log 261-561 - Student 531 and Electro 211.

Instructions for Use of Castell Precision Slide Rules, 1/60, 1/87, 111/87, 4/87 for Mechanical and Constructional Engineers, 1/92, 1/98, 111/98, 4/98 for Electrical Engineers and Physicists

Faber 8/10 Instructions in German.

Fearn's Pricelist

Fearn's Horsepower Calculator for Vee Belt Drives, Instructions

Fowler's Universal Calculator Instructions

Fowler's Magnum Calculator Instructions

Fowler's Jubilee Magnum Calculator Instructions

Fowler's 'Junior' Calculator and Circular Slide Rule

Garbutt-Hatch Calculator Instructions

The Gerber Variable Scale an Application and Instruction Manual by H.Joseph Gerber. Published by The Gerber Scientific Instrument Company, P.O.Box 305, Hartfort, Connecticut

Instructions for using the Binary Slide Rule, Gilson Slide Rule Co.

Haff Elipsograph Instructions.

J.Halden & Co Limited Instrument Catalogue.

Helix Slide Rule Instructions

IWA SR 722 Ma - IWA 0675, Wasserrohr-Rechner fur Druckwasser- und Abwasser Leitungen, Rohrreibung nach Colebrook. Water and Sewer Pipe Computer Instructions. 1974.

K+E Slide Rules and Calculating Instruments Catalogue with Price List, 1939 by Keuffel & Esser. Co.

Russian Sunrise Krugovaya Logarifmicheskaya Lineika KL1 Instructions

Russian Mltzke Krugovaya Logarifmicheskaya Lineika KL1 Instructions

Mear's Warm Air Heating Slide Rule Instructions

Mear Calculators, Calculator Catalogue

The Model World at your Fingertips Meccano Magazine, September 1966 with Make a Slide Rule article

Muldivo Advertising Leaflet

Explanations of Nippon Calculator HL-21 and Actual Examples of Computation by Nippon Calculating Machine Co.

Norton & Gregory's Calculating Slide Rule, Standard Pattern, Instructions for Use

Otis King Instructions

Produx Sterling Calculator Instructions

The Hawthorn Locomotive Engineers' Slide Rule, Its History and Use. Published by John Rabone & Sons. Manufacturers, by Steam Machinery of Boxwood, Ivory & Steel Rules, Engine Divided Steel Straight Edges, with various graduations; Measuring Tapes, with Steel, Metallic Wire, or Linen Tapes. Spirit Levels &c. Hockley Abbey works, Birmingham. Established 1784, the oldest house in the trade. Price Sixpence. Entered at Stationer's Hall.

Instructions for the use of the Practical Engineers' and Mechanics' Improved Slide Rule as arranged by J.Routledge, Engineer and also for the Improved Slide Rule and its various tables as laid down and arranged by W.E.Carrett, Esq., Engineer, Leeds.

The Slide Rule Simplified by Geo.W.Richardson and J.J.Clarke. This 100 page booklet is an essential addition to the library of any owner of Richardson slide rules. This is the Sixth Edition and it is made quite clear in this booklet that at the time of its publication Richardson rules were made by Gilson.

Ricoh Slide Rule Instructions delivered with the Ricoh 151

Stanley Theodolite Booklet. I inherited my Theodolite from my father Mr. Enoch Cordon. In 1982 he wrote a letter to Stanley requesting information about his Theodolite, they wrote a very nice letter back and enclosed the attached booklet all free of charge.

Sterling Slide Rule Operating Instructions

"P.I.C." Slide Rules Book of Instructions for the Standard, Rietz, and Engineers' Patterns with Log-Log Scales. Booklet No. 3660

Book of Instructions(T) For the use of The P.I.C. Differential Scales for Trigonometrical Computations. Booklet No. 81

Book of Instructions For the use of The P.I.C. Direct & Inverse Log-Log Differential Scales for (1+X)^n Expansions and Finance Calculations. Booklet No. 80

Slide Rule Instructions by British Thornton

Slide Rule Instructions by British Thornton

10" Slide Rule Instructions by British Thornton

Istruzioni per l'uso del Regolo Mignon Tecnostyl

Unique Half Hour Instructions

Unique Chemical Slide Rule Instructions

Instruction Book for W.H.Smith & Son Slide Rules

Grophoplex Gaz de France Slide Rule Instructions.

Directions for use of Slide Rules, A.W.Faber-Castell, Stein near Nuremburg

Useful Engineers' Constants for the Slide Rule and How They are Obtained by J.A.Burns, Third Edition, 1921, Published by Percival Marshall & Co.

Revised Instructions for the use of A.W.Faber's Calculating Rule by Charles N.Pickworth.

Instruction Manual, Analon, Engineering-Science Analysis Slide Rule produced by Keuffel & Esser. Co.

K+E Slide Rules, Deci-Lon, an Instruction Manual produced by Keuffel & Esser. Co.

Post Versalog Slide Rule Instructions

Sun, Instructions for the use of the "Hemmi" Bamboo Slide Rules (Nos. 150,153, & 154) "Universal" Duplex Published by the Hemmi Seisakusho Co., Ltd. Tokio, Japan

The Phillips Slide Rule by Allan Cullimore published by Eugene Dietzgen in 1925

Thacher's Calculating Instrument: Or Cylindrical Slide Rule (1884) by Edwin Thacher reprinted by Kessinger Publishing

Farmar's Spirit Rule Guide, by Frank C. Farmar, 1906

Pocketbook of the Gauge Marks. A Guide to the Gauge Marks Found on Slide Rules by Panagiotis Venetsianos. Published by The Oughtred Society in 2006

International Correspondance Schools Ltd. Reference Library Volume 1. Mathematics, Slide Rule, Graphs, Mechanics. This book has a chapter on Slide Rules but it is very basic, not getting beyond the use of the A,B,C and D scales.

Keuffel and Esser Catalog 1921

An easy introduction to the Slide Rule by Isaac Asimov

Teach Yourself the Slide Rule by Burns Snodgrass published by English Universities Press. Burns Snodgrass was the founder of Unique Slide Rules. Unsurprisingly perhaps, this book provides a treasure trove of information concerning those same Unique Slide Rules. Slide Rules described include the Commercial, Ten-Twenty, Electrical, Dualistic and Brighton.

Slide Rule Manual by F.J.Camm published by Newnes

Working with a Slide Rule by W.Geerts published by Maclaren

The Slide Rule, Simplified, Explained and Illustrated for the Mechanical Trades by Robert Riddell, originally published in 1881, reprinted by Astragal Press in 2002

Slide Rule Simplified by C.O.Harris. This book arrived in its own box, packaged with a Dietzgen 1767P National Slide Rule. The linked scan shows the book cover, the box cover and the slide rule in its boxed position.

Schiotnaya Lineika by D.U.Panov

How do you use a Slide Rule by Arthur A.Merrill published by Dover Books

Construction and Principal uses of Mathematical Instruments, by M.Bion and Translated and Supplemented by Edmund Stone. Originally printed in 1758 with this edition published by Astragal Press in 1995.

The Slide Rule, A Practical Manual, 12th Edition 1910 by C.N.Pickworth. Slide Rules mentioned in the New Rules Section are the Pickworth Slide Rule by A.W.Faber Nestler's Electro, Keuffel and Esser Polyphase, Log-Log Duplex Slide Rules, Small Slide Rules with Magnifying Cursors and Nestler's Chemist's Rule

The Slide Rule, A Practical Manual, 14th Edition 1916 by C.N.Pickworth.

The Slide Rule, A Practical Manual, 15th Edition 1917 by C.N.Pickworth. Slide Rules mentioned in the New Rules section are the same as those in the 12th edition with the inclusion of the Stilfox Slide Rule, The Picolet Circular Slide Rule, The Davis Lee Bottomley Slide Rule, The Davis Jakin Surveyor's Slide Rule, The Davis Stokes Field Gunnery Slide Rule and The Davis Martin Wireless Slide Rule

The Slide Rule, A Practical Manual, 16th Edition 1919 by C.N.Pickworth. Slide Rules mentioned in the New Rules section are the same as those in the 15th edition with the inclusion of the Davis-Grinsted Complex Calculator

The Slide Rule, A Practical Manual, 17th Edition 1920 by C.N.Pickworth.

The Slide Rule, A Practical Manual, 18th Edition 1927 by C.N.Pickworth.

The Slide Rule, A Practical Manual, 19th Edition 1930 by C.N.Pickworth.

The Slide Rule, A Practical Manual, 22nd Edition 1941 by C.N.Pickworth.

The Slide Rule, A Practical Manual, 23rd Edition 1942 by C.N.Pickworth. This is a wartime edition with very thin paper.

The Slide Rule, A Practical Manual, 24th Edition 1948 by C.N.Pickworth. Under the title 'Recent Developments in Slide Rule Design', P.I.C Differential Scales, the P.I.C. AC Electrical Slide Rule and Log-Log Trig and Log-Log Decitrig Slide Rules by Keuffel and Esser are introduced.

The Indicator Handbook 1920 by C.N.Pickworth

Logarithms for Beginners, 1944 by Charles N.Pickworth, Tenth Impression of the Eighth Edition

A Complete Slide Rule Manual by Neville W.Young published by David and Charles

The Slide Rule by Chas Hoare published by Technical Press in 1953

The Slide Rule by Chas Hoare published by Virtue & Co of London in 1868 as number 158 in Weale's Rudimentary Series. This book comes with the cardboard slide rule pictured.

The Slide Rule for Sea and Air Navigation by J.C.Podmore published by Brown, Son and Ferguson

The Slide Rule and Logarithmic Tables by J J Clark published by Frederick J. Drake

Slide Rule Instructor Containing New and Important Rules upon the Present Practice of Engineering etc for the Improved Slide Rule by J.Chadwick.

Logarithms and Slide Rule Work by T.H.Ward Hill.

Der Rechenschieber by Ingenieur H.W.Fricke, 1954.

The Oughtred Society Slide Rule Reference Manual, Second Edition, 2010

Infrared System Engineering by Richard D. Hudson, 1969. Black Body Radiation Slide Rules including the Thornton 5100, Aristo 922 and the General Electric GEN-15C are described on pages 53 to 60

A Treatise on the Steam Engine, Volumes I and II, By John Farey Junior, 1827, reprinted by David and Charles, Chapter VII describes slide rule use, Scales described are A=B=C=x, and D=x^2

Working With Logarithms by Rhys Lewis published by Elsevier Science

Science Data Book by Open University

SMP (School Mathematics Project) Tables

Knott's Four-Figure Mathematical Tables. Published by W. & R. Chambers, Ltd in 1969

Seven Figure Logarithms published by Chambers

Curta Mathematical Handbook

Workshop calculations, Tables and Formulae by F.J.Camm.

Ropp's New Commercial Calculator

Pocket Book of Mechanics and Engineering by John W.Nystrom. Contains a page advertising Nystrom's Calculator

A New Treatise on Elements of Mechanics Establishing Strict Precision in the Meaning of Dynamical Terms Accompanied with an Appendix on Duodenal Arithmetic and Metrology by John W.Nystrom. Published by Porter & Coates of 822 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia in 1875.

Tools of American Mathematics Teaching, 1800-2000, by Peggy Aldrich Kidwell, Amy Ackerberg-Hastings and David Lindsay Roberts. This book includes a chapter on the slide rule notable for the inclusion of a picture, on page 111, of the U.S. patent model for Nystrom's Calculator, 1851, held in the National Museum of American History collections. Smithsonian Negative no. 87-8042. The associated text reads " The first American slide rule designed for engineering work had been patented in 1851 by the Swedish-born and educated civil engineer John W. Nystrom of Philadelphia. Nystrom designed a circular instrument with scales that were arranged on arcs of spirals. It not only included scales for ordinary multiplication and division but made provision for multiplying Sines and Cosines of angles. Nystrom used his "calculator" in the design of steamboat propellors. He also relied on it to compute the tables in a small book entitled Pocket Book of Mechanics and Engineering. This volume went through eighteen editions by the time of Nystrom's death in 1885. Nystrom's rule was advertised here. It was also listed in catalogs of the instrument maker William J.Young of Philadelphia from 1874 to 1882. At a price variously given as $15 to $40, it found few buyers.

Fowler's Electrical Engineer's Pocket Book

Fowler's Mechanical Engineer's Pocket Book

Fowler's Mechanics' and Machinists' Pocket Book. 1958

Fowler's Architects', Builders' and Contractors' Pocket Book.

Graphisches Rechnen by Otto Prolss, originally published in 1920. This is a NABU public domain edition. Logarithmic Dividers are mentioned on page 30.

Sikes Table of the Concentrated Stregths of Spirits published by L.Lumley and Co

The Spirit Traders and Licensed Victuallers Reducing Table

Martelli's Navigational Tables, for Longitude by Chronometer or Calculated Zenith Distance. Suitable for Sun or Star Observations. 1938 including Hour Angle Tables

Empirical Equations and Nomography by D.S.Davis published by McGraw-Hill

Nomography and Empirical Equations by Lee H.Johnson Published by John Wiley and Sons, New York, 1952

Symposium on the Developement of Calculator Technology by Heinz Joss published by UKSRC

Slide Rule Gazette Issues 11 and 12 published by the United Kingdom Slide Rule Circle (UKSRC). Issue 12 contains my first published Gazette article entitled Thacher Accuracy with Unique Expenditure. If you click on the image a scan of the article is available in pdf format, reproduced here with the permission of the UKSRC.

Slide Rule Gazette Issues 13 published by the United Kingdom Slide Rule Circle (UKSRC). This issue contains three of my articles on the subjects of Complex Number Slide Rules, The Logarithmic Spiral and the Bygrave Slide Rule..

Proceedings of the 18th International Meeting of Slide Rule Collectors, IM 2012, Slide Rules for the Trades, 21st - 23rd September 2012 at Bletchley Park, the National Museum of Computing..

The Secrets of Bletchley Park, Official Souvenir Guide..

Journal of the Oughtred Society, Volumes 0.0 to 20.2

Treatise on the Arrangement, Application and use of Slide Rules by Thomas Dixon published by Bibliobazaar

A Treatise on a Box of Instruments and the Slide-Rule by Thomas Kentish published by Henry Carey Baird

Calculating on Slide Rule and Disc by I.J.Schuitema published by Astragal Press

Slide Rules, Their History, Models and Makers by Peter M.Hopp published by Astragal Press

Joint Slide Rules by Peter M. Hopp Published by Hexagon Press

Pocket-Watch Slide Rules by Peter M. Hopp Published by Astragal Press

A History of the Logarithmic Slide Rule by Florian Cajori published by Astragal Press

Slide Rules by Dieter von Jezierski published by Astragal Press

The Rule Book, Measuring for the Trades by Jane Rees and Mark Rees. This book concerns Rules and Rulers of many types but there are enough references to Rules used for Calculation to make it of interest.

Rechenschieber Slide Rules A.W.Faber A.W. Faber-Castell by Peter Holland

100 Jahre Dennert & Pape, Aristo-Werke - Hamburg. English translation by Paul Garcia, Rodger Shepherd and Dr.Klaus Kuehn

The Schuitema Collection a Gallery of Panels with Slide Rules and Discs by Ijzebrand Schuitema and Otto von Poelje

Slide Rules in the Arithmeum. The Arithmeum is part of the Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics at the University of Bonn and the home of Ijzebrand Schuitema's Slide Rule Collection which forms the subject of most of this Catalogue.

The First 200 Years, Rabone Chesterman, 1784-1984, A Short History of Rabone Chesterman Limited, by Douglas J.Hallam.

Astounding Science Fiction, May 1951, has an interesting Slide Rule image on the front cover.

The Coradi Planimeters. Description and Instructions for the Use and Testing with a General Elementary Explanation of Their Operation by G.Coradi, Zurich, 1903. Printed by Aschmann & Scheller

Instructions for using the Integrators by G.Coradi

Scheutz Calculating Machine article in The Illustrated London News, June 30th 1855.

Accounting, Book-Keeping Machines and Calculators of the 2oth Century by William S.Evans.

Burroughs Factory shown on a postcard posted in 1921.

The Polar Planimeter and Its Use in Engineering Calculations by J.Y.Wheatley, Reprinted from the Collection of the University of Michigan Library, Originally Published by Keuffel and Esser in 1903

Mechanical Integrators Including The Various Forms Of Planimeters (1886) by Henry Selby Hele Shaw. Reprinted by Kessinger Publishing, originally Published by D.Van Nostrand in 1886

Calculators: Reverse Polish Notation, Calculator, Adding machine, Sinclair Scientific, Wang Laboratories, Sumlock Anita Calculator. Published by Books LLC in 2010

Photofacts, Complete Pocket Calculators designed by Edward S.Bomback. Published by Fountain Press in 1948

The art of practical measuring, by the sliding rule: Whereto is added,in a short method, the use of Scamozzi's lines for finding the lengths and angles of hips, rafters,&c. at any pitch. The Seventh Edition, carefully corrected by Henry Coggeshall. First Published for Edward and Charles Dilly in 1767. Reprinted by Gale ECCO

Description and Use of the Slide Rule for Gauging, Ullaging, Valuing, and Reducing Spirits. Published by Sanders Phillips in 1915

John Davis & Son (Derby) Ltd. A Chronology of Slide Rule Production by Colin Barnes

Otis King Calculators, a History of Production 1920 - 1977. By Colin Barnes and Tedford K.White. This is an important addition to the library of those with Otis King's in their collection.

Handbook of Artillery Instruments from His Majesty's Staionary Office. A good place to start if you want to know more about your Slide Rule for use with Observation of Fire Apparatus an example of which can be seen on the British Slide Rules page

Directions for the use of Artillery Instruments, Pamphlet No. 3, The Slide Rule, 1937, London, His Majesty's Staionary Office

Scientific American, May 2006 issue, When Slide Rules Ruled, article by Cliff Stoll

The Description, Nature and General Use, of the Sector and Plain-Scale; As Also a Short Account of the Uses of Lines of Numbers, Artificial Sines and Tangents by Edmund Stone. Originally Published by Thomas Wright in 1721 and re-printed by General Books in 2010

Abacus Treasure

Chinese junior school arithmetic book from 1968

Japanese 19th Century arithmetic book

The History of the Abacus by J.M.Pullan published by Hutchinson in 1968. A good introduction to Jettons and the Exchequer Table Abacus

The Grounde of Artes by Robert Recorde, Facsimile First Edition, 1543. Describes arithmetic using Table Abaci at a time when they were still in use.

The Whetstone of Witte by Robert Recorde, Facsimile of the 1557 Edition. This book and the Grounde of Artes shown previously are for those of us interested in the history of mathematics. These titles are available as low cost print on demand versions if one is only interested in reading the words but if presentation is important to you then spend a little more money and obtain these facsimile editions from TGR Renascent Books.

A view of the origin, nature, and use of jettons or counters. Especially those commonly known by the name of black money and abbey pieces; .. With copper-plates. By Thomas Snelling.

The Magic Calculator the way of Abacus by Yukio Tani published by Japan Publications Trading Co

The Abacus by Jesse Dilson. Published by St.Martin's Press in 1994

The Acacus, Its History; Its Design: Its Possibilities in the Modern World by Parry Moon.

Reinventing the Wheel

Babbage's Calculating Engines by Henry Prevost Babbage. Volume 2 in the Charles Babbage Institute Reprint Series for the History of Computing.

Handbook of the Napier Tercentenary Celebration or Modern Instruments and Methods of Calculation. Edited by E.M. Horsburgh. First Published by the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1914. Volume 3 in the Charles Babbage Institute Reprint Series for the History of Computing.

Calculating Machines and Calculating Instruments and Machines by Douglas R.Hartree. Volume 6 in the Charles Babbage Institute Reprint Series for the History of Computing.

A.M.Turing's ACE Report of 1946 and other papers. Volume 10 in the Charles Babbage Institute Reprint Series for the History of Computing.

Calcul Simplifie. By Maurice D'Ocagne. Volume 11 in the Charles Babbage Institute Reprint Series for the History of Computing.

Rabdology by Napier. Volume 15 in the Charles Babbage Institute Reprint Series for the History of Computing.

The Calculating Machines,(Die Rechenmaschinen), originally written by Ernst Martin. Volume 16 in the Charles Babbage Institute Reprint Series for the History of Computing.

Colossus, The Secrets of Bletchley Park's Codebreaking Computers by B.Jack Copeland with contributions from some of those who used, designed and built the Machine.

Demystifying the Bombe by Dermot Turing (Alan Turing's nephew).

Electronic Brains, Srories from the Dawn of the Computer Age by Mike Hally. This is about the early room sized computers which came after Colossus

Napier's Bones a History and Instruction Manual by D.J.Bryden.

The Difference Engine, Charles Babbage and the Quest to Build the First Computer by Doron Swade. Published by Penguin in 2000

Charles Babbage and His Calculating Engines by Doron Swade. Published by The Science Museum in 1991

Scientific Instruments by Gerard L.E.Turner published by Philip Wilson

Calculating Machines and Computers by Geoffrey Tweedale published by Shire Album

Instruments of Science by R.Bud and D.Warner published by Smithsonian Institution

A Century of Scientific Instrument Making

Drawing Instruments by Michael Scott-Scott. Shire Album. I like Shire Albums they provide a brief, attractive and low cost introduction to the titled subject. This one has references to Proportional Dividers and Sectors.

How Round is Your Circle? by J.Bryant and C.Sangwin published by Princeton University Press

Origines des Nombres et de Calcul by Les Cahiers de Science et Vie

e: The Story of a Number by Eli Maor. A good read in its own right with short reference to Slide Rules in Chapter 2

To Infinity and Beyond by Eli Maor.

Th Code Book, The Secret History of Codes and Code-Breaking by Simon Singh. If you are interested in Mechanical Calculators you will be interested in Cipher Machines and if you want to know more about Code making and Breaking this book is a good place to start.

Mathematics in the Making by Lancelot Hogben published by Macdonald

Electronic Applications of The Smith Chart by Phillip H.Smith. Published by Noble in 1995

The Complete Book of Chisanbop. Original Finger Calculation Method. By Sung Jim Pai and Hung Young Pai.

The Magic Mirror of M.C.Escher by Bruno Ernst. Published by Tarquin in 1985

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